Design & Democracy – Design Campus Dresden

The Kairos Talk in the last winter semester by Prof Ineke Hans and Prof Axel Kufus / UdK Design with the director Thomas A. Geisler / Kunstgewerbemuseum Schloss Pillnitz – in which he introduced this year’s Design Campus Summer School theme Design & Democracy – was the intitial spark for this blog. Thank You!

Class 2021 is curated by Amelie Klein, Vera Sacchetti.

Design & Democracy: Renegotiating plurality, power and people

18 July — 28 August 2021

Democracy is under fire: by those who oppose it and by those who have exposed its limitations. The last elections in Europe and the Brexit Referendum have revealed the frailties within our democratic systems. However, the build up to and aftermath of the 2020 USA presidential election have further exposed a fractured system and a deeply divided civic culture. While there are many efforts underway to “heal” it, citizens no longer trust the political system and are retreating from engaging with it. And the system, which is shaped by design, has failed citizens.

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Design & Democracy – Design Campus Dresden

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